About Us

The concept of Asma’s Crafts is inspired by our heritage and traditions in craftsmanship. Our purpose is to maintain the traditional approach of creating art pieces and not loose the traditional artisan approach of creating art especially with the advent of high precision mass production. Asma’s Crafts’ products are unique as they are each handmade by skilled artisans in the same old traditional way, with a bit of a modern twist.

Patterns, calligraphy and geometry are essential in Asma’s crafts’ products as they represent complex philosophies with intricate, simple beauty. One of Asma’s main inspirations is her family’s house, which was constructed over one hundred years ago in the heart of Beirut. The building, which is an embodiment of heritage is characterized in the interior as well as the architecture by traditional designs from different geometric patterns, colorful old traditional tile designs, calligraphy and much more.

The level of attention invested in the stitching of each detail, crafting each piece by hand are essential in Asma's Crafts’ products and this is what makes them unique and timeless.

The material used for the products are all natural, that’s what makes Asma’s crafts’ pieces more authentic. We believe in reviving the old.

Asma’s crafts designs bring to us timeless pieces through tradition and we hold every one of our pieces dear to our hearts as all our crafts is unique in its own special way.