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Handmade brass handbags.

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Brass Tube Vases

Handmade brass tube vases with an arabesque base and a removable plexi tube . Available brass gold and oxydized brass silver color.
height 10cm (small)
height 15cm (medium)
height 20cm (large)

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Candles with Brass Star Base

Handblown glass colored or clear filled with handmade scented candles resting on a handmade brass coaster.
Scents: Lavender, Jasmine, Pine, Musk,Citrus.

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Fashion Accessories

Handmade earrings and cuffs.

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Handblown Carafes

Handblown glass carafe clear or colored different shapes and sizes with a handmade brass cover with different motifs:
Pomegranate,Arabesque,Bird,CactusCosmic Sun and Hand.

Heights ranges between 15cm to 40cm.

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Handblown Glass Boxes

Handblown clear boxes with handblown motif in the middle colored or clear, the cover is handmade with the same motif engraved on brass.

Size: 11cm diameter x 7cm height.

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Handblown Glass Cactus Vase

Handblown small cactus vases of different colors , 2 different shapes.

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Handblown Glass Vases with Tile Coasters

Handblown glass colored tube vases of different heights sitting each on a handmade tile coaster of different patterns and colors.

Sizes of the tube vases:

Height 9cm diameter 5cm (small)

Height 12cm diameter 5cm (medium)

Height 15cm diameter 5cm (large)

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Linen Tableware

Handembroidery placemats,napkins and coasters.
Arabesque,pomegranate,Eye, Hand and leaves embroidery to mix and match.

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Musharabiya Brass Trays

Handmade brass musharabiya design trays.Available brass gold and oxydized brass silver color.

Size:42cm x 16cm

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Handmade brass platters topped with a fitted handmade tile.
Different tile design and color available.
Gold platters and oxidized brass available.


40cm diameter (large)
30cm diameter (medium)
20cm diameter (small)
10cm diameter (xsmall)

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Tiled Brass Boxes

Handmade brass round boxes with a handmade tile cover of different patterns and colors topped with a handmade brass handle of different shapes: Pomegranate, Cactus, Arabesque, Cosmic Sun, Leaf, Pineapple, Dove Bird, Hand and Star.

There are three different sizes:

10cm diameter x 6cm height (small)

10cm diameter x 10cm height (medium)

15cm diameter x 6cm height (large)

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Tiled Trays

Handmade Brass trays with arabesque design handles and a fitted handmade tile.
Available in different tile patterns and colors.

Size: 42cm x 20cm

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